As we age,  each year buying gifts for family and friends gets more difficult.  We used to joke when I was younger,  old people,  booze and chocolate.   Now I look around,   I don’t need socks, scarfs, hats, gloves, I still haven’t worn the leather gloves I got as a gift 20 years ago.  In fact,  when we cleaned out my parent’s house,  there were a lot of unused leather gloves!


A nice bottle of wine is a great gift,  Irish cream or another liquor for Christmas gathering is good too.    Instead of alcohol and Costco chocolates,  why not purchase cannabis beverages and infused edibles for friends and family?  You can be guaranteed that most have not tried any of these.  A six pack of drinks and chocolate infused cannabis edibles and candy will be a unique gift,  and great for people to try on a snowy evening at home.   If you’re not sure what to buy,  check the product reviews on by DDMIS.