Should You Buy Edibles That Are NOT Health Canada Compliant?

Chocolate brownies made with marijuana have been created by the novice baker for at least 40 years.   When marijuana became legal for medical purposes,  the not so legal medical edible market exploded.  At any unlicensed store,  you needed a medical prescription to buy but there was no limit to what you bought and you could pick up edibles for friends.   

These products were very potent and included baked goods and candies.  Once the government legalized marijuana,  Health Canada stepped in on behalf of Canadians to recommend dosage, and packaging in order to protect children from mistakenly taking their parents’ edibles.

If you are buying a product with a Government of Canada seal,  then you know what the dosage will be at its max,  and the production facility has been approved by government regulators.


When buying from a First Nation store or online stores that deliver,  watch the THC amount.   Most likely per item will be higher than the Canadian stated amount.  Additionally, there should be a little CBD with the THC to help your body process the THC.The THC and CBD may also not be evenly distributed in the edible.  

You are or must be a responsible adult (people may be over 19-years-old but not responsible),  respect the adage, “start low and go slow”.   You should also have a locked area to keep away from children. If you are a woman,  don’t keep edibles in your purse.  Kids have a way of searching for chips and candy in all the hard to find places.  You should know yourself from your childhood. Eating a gummy bought from a government approved store may be bad enough,  but eating products that come in from the USA or are handmade with a THC amount is bad for any child. 

So,  I believe the answer is yes but be a responsible adult.