THC Amount

16.6 per square




ICE Rates This A 4/5

This product was purchased from a First Nation cannabis store and is not Health Canada compliant, although it is made in Canada.

The Redhouse Infusions Toffee Bits is a great edible chocolate candy.  Three ounces of milk chocolate made with premium shatter.  This is first time I’ve come across a product made of shatter.  The bar contains 30 pieces with each piece containing 16.6 mg of THC.

The company notes on the back of the package that it’s mimicking a Skor bar.   The milk chocolate is smooth and creamy.  There are tiny toffee bits which adds texture to the chocolate.   There is a hint of weed taste.   The product is 510 calories,  not bad as you would only eat one square at at time.