THC Amount

10mg, 1mg CBC




ICE Rates This A 3/5

I was excited to try this new edible.  However,  if you are a chocolate connoisseur, this may not be your choice of infused chocolate.  But, if you are a kid at heart,  this product is fun!  The square is also stamped with a QR code.   I checked the company’s website and didn’t see an explanation.  I suspect if you were to scan, the scan would take you to their site.   I ate it before I could scan.

You don’t get a lot of cherry cola taste and the chocolate taste is creamy.  Once you get over is less than optimal taste,  the popping starts and you want another.  One one square in the package, so you may want to buy two.  

50 calories per chocolate square.  Contains the equivalent of .66 of dried cannabis.