Your Guide to Infused Cannabis Edibles

We are a lifestyles platform for people who enjoy edibles and want to learn how to incorporate THC or CBD with food and drink and have fun!

In a cannabis store,  you often have no idea what to buy and if you’ll like it.   Wines, for example, have many reviews you can read to help you select what to buy.   ICE will provide you with reviews of infused cannabis edibles and beverages  to help you make your purchases easier.

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In Canada, edibles must comply with Health Canada’s production and packaging guidelines and are created in controlled environments with consistent dosage of infused THC or CBD. Legal edibles can only be purchased from stores authorized by the provincial government. Edibles are also available on many First Nation Reserves. Always know what you’re buying and from a reputable company. Ask questions to the clerks at your dispensary, these people are very knowledgeable and can provide good advice. If are located in the USA or another country, check your local rules.   AND MOST OF ALL….Keep edibles away from children, store in a safe place and make it known that these are only for adults.

personalized Edibles

Want to make your own edibles?

Join our community and we will be providing recipes from Chef Kate, plus a few of our own. If you have a favourite recipe you’d like to share,  please send to us.

Remember, edibles often take an hour for you to feel anything, start low and go slow.


Frckn’ Delicous DIY GUMMY KIT

Indulge in the ultimate gummy experience by adding your favourite strain to  awesome DIY gummy kits made by Frckn’ Delicious. So many tasty flavours to choose from!

Customize your own gummies by adding your preferred dose. When melted and poured, you will have up to 126 gummies to enjoy that can last for weeks in your pocket.​

Gummy Kit Includes:
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