Happy New Year to the members of ICE and page visitors. As we look to the future, we think about our future. Yesterday, I came across an article posted on Facebook about how THC can help prevent Alzheimer’s by removing a toxic protein that causes Alzheimer’s from the brain. My mother and her sister died from Alzheimer’s, so this hits home for me and so many others.

There are a lot of claims of how cannabis can cure this and how cannabis can cure that. Unfortunately, most of these claims are not based on solid scientific research and have not been peer reviewed. However, with the legalization of cannabis in Canada and other countries, scientists now have the ability to conduct these research projects. Instead of cannabis being treated like snake oil by the medical community, there is a real opportunity to study cannabis and it’s interactions with cancer, arthritis, chronic pain, seizures, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, etc.

The global medical community has proven through the Corona Virus crisis that if they pull together progress and results can be achieved. And we know HIV Aids was once a terminal illness is now treatable because researching and funding put into finding a cure. We all want to see the day when there’s a cure for cancer and other horrible diseases. Funding is needed. I’m not dictating what and how people spend their money, but when billionaires are conducting rocket trips into space for other billionaires, you have to shake your head. If they pooled a percentage of their money together the view from space could be amazing.





Cannabis Brain photo courtesy of MerryJane.com