Your Guide to Infused Cannabis Edibles

Do you like edibles and want to learn more about infused cannabis edibles… or what we like to call I.C.E?

We are an upbeat lifestyle platform for the canna-experienced and the canna-curious. Going into a dispensary, you often have no idea if the infused sparkling water is tasty. You can read a wine review and get advice on what to buy, now with I.C.E, you have the same opportunity for infused drinks and other edibles. Plus we offer recipes and what’s in the news.  

We Break Everything Down in 3 Categories

Chocolate Review

Lord Jones Chocolate Fusions

For salted caramel and chocolate lovers,  this edible candy is a winner!  The crunchy chocolate balls have very little weed taste.   The caramel sticks to your teeth, but it’s all good.  A hybrid of THC and CBD, each ball contains 2 mgs of each.  70 calories in total.   The packet contains the equivalent of 1 g of dried cannabis.

Chowie Wowie THC/CBD Chocolate

So nice, my friend bought it twice!   I had to have a little nibble too.  The milk chocolate is smooth and creamy.  Very little, if any, taste of weed.  Slight hint caramel but that taste may be the vanilla extract.  The package contains two small but thick pieces of chocolate,  80 calories in total.   One square contains 1.1 grams equivalent of dried cannabis.

Redhouse Infusions Toffee Bits

This product was purchased from a First Nation cannabis store and is not Health Canada compliant, although it is made in Canada.

The Redhouse Infusions Toffee Bits is a great edible chocolate candy.  Three ounces of milk chocolate made with premium shatter.  This is first time I’ve come across a product made of shatter.  The bar contains 30 pieces with each piece containing 16.6 mg of THC.

The company notes on the back of the package that it’s mimicking a Skor bar.   The milk chocolate is smooth and creamy.  There are tiny toffee bits which adds texture to the chocolate.   There is a hint of weed taste.   The product is 510 calories,  not bad as you would only eat one square at at time.


Kolab Project Cherry Pop Chocolate

I was excited to try this new edible.  However,  if you are a chocolate connoisseur, this may not be your choice of infused chocolate.  But, if you are a kid at heart,  this product is fun!  The square is also stamped with a QR code.   I checked the company’s website and didn’t see an explanation.  I suspect if you were to scan, the scan would take you to their site.   I ate it before I could scan.

You don’t get a lot of cherry cola taste and the chocolate taste is creamy.  Once you get over is less than optimal taste,  the popping starts and you want another.  One one square in the package, so you may want to buy two.  

50 calories per chocolate square.  Contains the equivalent of .66 of dried cannabis. 


Bhang Milk Chocolate

Small but mighty.  This milk chocolate is smooth to the taste with hints bitter chocolate,  almost reminded me of coffee. It could be the turpines or the type of cannabis infused into the chocolate or the vanilla.  This is no weed taste.  The squares are small so it’s easy to bite off two.  A total of 60 calories for all four squares.  Contains the equivalent of .66 of dried cannabis.    There is no CBD in this chocolate,  usually you need a little for your body to process the THC.

Bhang Caramel Dark Chocolate

Opening the package of the dark chocolate I was met with an explosion of caramel chocolate aroma.  It reminded me of when I was a kid and opening a box of Pot of Gold at Christmas.   However,  these chocolates are not for kids.  The caramel flavour along with the THC is infused into the candy.   One square which can be divided into 4 seperate pieces…if you want to.  The chocolate is dark but not bitter.  The taste is nice and smooth with the sweet taste of caramel masking any taste of cannabis.  

Each square is 70 calories and contains the equivalent of .66 gram of dried herb.

ICE Rates This A 3/5

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